Installing Blue Ribbon's Digital Edition – Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook

Installing Blue Ribbon's Digital Edition



Just in case you need assistance loading Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook’s digital edition onto your mobile phone or tablet, we’ve culled the interweb looking for the best instructional articles that explain it better than a bunch of basketball nerds could. 

We can tell you this, though. Blue Ribbon is an interactive PDF file, and once you've got it installed, you can easily navigate through the book by going to the Index (page 2) and tapping on the school or conference you want. You’ll be taken right to it.

If you have one of the devices listed below, just click on its name and you'll be directed to instructions for installing PDF files.

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You may get an error message on Kindle Fire saying we have DRM protection. We don’t have a DRM protection on the PDF. There are free PDF reader Apps for Kindle try Foxit PDF reader, Drive PDF reader or Moon+reader is a paid app.